MP + Public School Budget

Money Makes Schools Go Around: How Public School Budget Drives Quality Education

MP + public school budget


Imagine a future where every child has access to quality education— the kind that empowers, lifts, and opens doors.

Education that breaks chains, bridges gaps, and changes lives for the better.

Education that lifts families out of poverty and inspires hope.

Education that makes anything possible.

That is the exact aim of the fourth United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDG). It aspires to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for all. However, the quality of public education varies greatly between different countries. In fact, it varies across neighborhoods.

One factor stands to drive this goal: public budget.

What Is Quality Education?

Quality education is intentional and comprehensive. It integrates resources, teaching methods, and approaches. This is to ensure students have access to the best educational experience.

Quality education also pays adequate attention to:

  • Physical infrastructure
  • Improved learning environment
  • Quality teachers and staff
  • Teacher training opportunities
  • Social-emotional learning


The Current Educational System

As it stands now, our public school education fails in numerous ways. This manifests in different faces, such as the following:

Lack Of Local Funding For Public Schools

Public schools are usually underfunded. This results in inadequate facilities and resources. This often translates to poor academic outcomes for students.

Public schools cater to a wide range of students. Notably, this includes those from low-income families. These schools often do not have the same access to resources compared to private schools. This can limit the sucess of academic outcomes.

Lack of funding also equates to facilities often below standards. In many cases, overcrowded classrooms become a major problem. They lead to inadequate attention given to each student’s unique needs. They also end up making educators feel burnt out.

Low Teacher Salaries

At the base of quality education is the teachers’ salaries. Low incomes limit their access to resources. This includes career development courses or other tools they can use in the classroom. This spells a further decrease in academic outcomes for students.


Insufficient Teacher Training & Retention

The previous point ties to this one. Public school teachers often lack the necessary training and support. This can lead to high teacher turnover rates. In turn, it results in less experienced teachers for the students.

Teachers often do not receive enough training or compensation. This is despite having a critical role in student development. Education statistics reveal this can lead to low quality of education.

Lack of Access to Technology

Technology has become essential in education. Still, many public schools remain far behind when it comes to tech access. This limits their students’ ability to compete with those with access to it.

The Federal Government & Quality Education

The problems above stem from various things. One thing found at their root is the lack of adequate funding.

The federal government plays a large role in the quality of public school education. In most states, local property taxes account for a huge chunk of the funds. Much of the others come from state and local sources. This is as reported by the Department of Education.


Boosting federal funds can have a ripple effect on the quality of education. Funding public schools will promote the following:

Better Student Welfare

Better funding allows schools to help students live better lives. Schools can do this through:

Food programs

Public schools can provide meals for all students. This is vital for those who come from low-income families. Countless students suffer from hunger every single day. Food is one of the most basic needs, so it must be given to those who can’t afford it.

Social services

Having access to social workers and counselors helps student. These people can create a more supportive space for students.

Transportation assistance

Many students come from far away. Assisting them with transport needs can increase their access to quality learning.



Giving students quality clothing can help them feel confident. It can also help them be successful.

School supplies

Having access to school supplies can help students focus on learning. This will prevent them from worrying about having the right materials.


Quality healthcare services help students stay healthy. Thus, they can attend school more often.

Quality education is not just about tests and grades. It’s also about providing a safe and nurturing space for students, more so kids. With these basic services, students can have a fighting chance at succeeding. These things are crucial in primary and secondary schools. After all, primary and secondary education affects the development of young people.

Better Facilities & Resources

Sufficient funds can help provide better facilities, resources, and technology. These can help school districts to keep up with the changing times.


This can help students gain access to the resources they need. It also allows them to interact with their peers from other places.

In addition, sufficient funding can promote the creation of more classrooms, which solves the overcrowding issue.

More Scholarship Grants & Financial Aid

More funds can also help provide more scholarship grants and financial aid for students. This can give them the chance to attend college or technical schools. That way, they don’t have to worry even if their families are low-income.

Scholarships and aids will undoubtedly help further children’s education. That’s why local districts need to have an adopted budget precisely for aids like this.

Higher Teacher Salaries

When funds are allocated to public schools, it can result in higher teacher salaries. This can lead to more experienced teachers and better retention.

One of the biggest problems that teachers face is low pay. This leads to low morale and quality of life. With increased federal funding, teachers can get paid better and stay in their positions longer. They will also be able to afford basic resources that can help them live good lives.


Better Teacher Training Opportunities

With increased funds, public schools can afford to invest in teacher development. This is important for teachers to stay up-to-date with the latest teaching methods.

It can also help them keep up with changes in curriculum and student needs. Having access to better training opportunities can help teachers become more effective and efficient. This can help them support students to achieve their potential.

Better Access To Technology

Technology plays a big role in providing quality education. With increased funds, public schools can afford to purchase the latest technology such as computers and tablets for students.

This access lets students use technology in their learning process, which can be beneficial for them.

Dignity For Students & Educators From All School Districts

When public school budgets are increased, it can show the students and educators that they matter. It sends a message of respect and dignity, which can be invaluable.

Students feel empowered when they are given access to the same resources that other private schools have. It gives them the confidence to keep striving for excellence.


In addition, educators will feel respected and appreciated for their efforts. This can result in enhanced morale and improved performance.

This is significant. After all, we aspire to raise a generation that knows the value of quality education. We aim to prepare and care for them so they are ready to take on the world. To do this, they need to know that they matter. They need to understand the value of life, as a whole. That way, they can help build a strong society with the power of empathy and knowledge.

Laureate International Universities

Laureate is one of the countless B Corps working to achieve quality education for all. For more than 20 years, they have been hard at work serving their communities. They are on a mission to prepare students for lifelong success and achievement.

Laureate aims to promote high-quality education in the undergraduate and graduate levels. The organization also provides specialized degree programs.

Adequate Federal Funding: Quality Education For All

We want to see quality education as the norm, not a privilege. By funding schools, we are taking steps toward this goal.

We can provide students with better resources and a safe learning environment. We can also give them access to the latest tech. In addition, we can provide better teacher salaries and create more training opportunities for educators.

Most importantly, adequate school funding shows students and educators that they are valued. This can be the best step in inspiring them to reach their potential and make a difference in the world.

Thus, it’s essential to invest in public school budgets for a future of quality education.

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